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How Often Should You Clean Your AC Coils?

How often you should clean your AC coils affects how your air conditioner works efficiently.

The air conditioner’s job is to transfer heat from inside your home to the outside area. Dirt, dust, and other debris can cause the air conditioner to work ineffectively and reduce the process of heat transfer. Minimizing the energy costs can be done by cleaning the AC coils for at least once a year.

Importance Of Cleaning the AC coils

Dirty evaporator and condenser coil increase the energy usage of the air conditioner by over 30 percent. This can reduce heat transfers that can cause more severe problems such as poor cooling performance, frozen evaporator coils, and overheating in the compressor.

How to Prevent Dirty Coils

Check the air filter at least once a month to keep the evaporator coils clean. If the dirty air filter allows dust and debris to evaporator coils, it can reduce airflow and can cause other problems. 

An area about two feet around the condenser unit, vegetation, and debris cleaning, tall grass, plants, overhanging trees, bushes, and even trash can keep the AC coils clean.

Cleaning The Coils

The evaporator and the condenser have fins that are incredibly delicate and bendable even by a little force. To really assurance on cleaning your air conditioner, best is to leave them to an HVAC contactor like us in Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC.

An HVAC contractor will have a routine maintenance visit, and one of the tasks is to clean the coils. Air conditioners must have scheduled maintenance for at least twice a year. Every visit, the HVAC contractor will shut off the coils to cleanse and rinse with a hose. Also, the best advice for accessing the evaporator coil is to let a professional clean it.

If you want to have a maintenance check to your AC unit, contact us at (512) 626-4658.

Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC are happy to provide you an HVAC service.  We provide heating and air service in Austin, Texas, and all surrounding areas.

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  1. My parents are having a lot of trouble with their AC unit this year because it’s getting older. They are starting to get very warm in their house so we need to find a local AC service that can help. I think it’s great that you touched on clearing a two-foot area around the AC unit so that it doesn’t have interference.

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