A room full of Different Types Of Air Conditioner

How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

In a house with a central heating and cooling system, one crucial part is the air conditioner. The air conditioner is responsible for drawing out the heat of the house and transferring the hot air outside.

Your AC works by changing the temperature, humidity, and maintaining the indoor air quality.

In simple terms, an AC makes the air in your home much more relaxed in ways such as drawing out hot air and transferring it outdoors. The air conditioner replaces the air inside your home with cooler air.

The AC system in your home plays an integral role in the overall indoor air quality and comfort in the house.

An air conditioner uses chemicals that convert gas to liquid and vice versa in such a quick amount of time. The chemicals used to transfer the hot air from inside your home to outside air.

The air conditioner has three major parts:

The compressor and the condenser are typically located outside your home, and these are the farthest part of your air conditioning system. While the evaporator is located inside your house.

As the compressor forces molecules together, it produces higher temperatures and a rise in energy.

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