Factors That Affects The Airflow In HVAC

Factors That Affects The Airflow In HVAC

There are factors that affects the airflow in HVAC.

One of the most common problems of an HVAC system is the Airflow. You are probably experiencing one or more of the symptoms below if you have airflow problems in your HVAC systems.

Often the first signs of HVAC airflow issues have hot and cold spots throughout your space, an imbalance on pressure, doors slamming by themselves, hearing strange whistling noises, and drafty areas.

Symptoms liked these are caused by poor Airflow from your HVAC system.

If you could have one AC vent not blowing air in one room or problem throughout the space, it could result in no air coming out or low to no airflow at all.

If your Air Conditioning is blowing warm air, then you know there is something wrong, and ignoring this problem too long could lead to failure in the compressor.

The compressor is the heart of your whole AC system. And if the compressor goes out, so does the entire unit and could lead you in buying a new one.

But there’s good news! With experts from Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC, these problems are not expensive and easy to fix at all.

Below are the common causes of airflow problems on your AC system:

There’s No Obstruction On The Condenser Unit

Typically, located outside the house or inside a mechanical is the condenser unit. Accumulated leaves from trees or plants and debris can obstruct and your outdoor unit. Other types of equipment and storage items can hinder outdoor units inside a mechanical room.

To improve the Airflow, you should clear the area around your condenser unit.

Vents and Registers Are Not Blocked

Increasing the Airflow through your vents is easy. Just make sure that all vents and registers are not blocked by furniture and keeping it all open.

A common issue sometimes if you have an office setting. For example, moving a filing cabinet in front of the AC register just because someone is too cold can compromise your HVAC airflow.

Filters Are Clogged

the filter’s job is to remove any dust and debris from the air and to keep your equipment and your ducts free from clogging from those things.

A clogged filter could affect your HVAC Airflow and could lead to hot and cold spots and stuffy air.

Checking and changing your AC filter according to your manufacturer’s instructions can help you prevent it from clogging.

Ducts Are Blocked Or Leaky

All the dust that gets past clogged AC filters can accumulate in the ductwork in HVAC Airflow.

Accumulated ductwork is too small for the capacity of your air conditioner. These ducts are too small and too narrow to become clogged by dust.

Rodents, birds, or insects that build nests can also affect your HVAC Airflow.

Developed holes or cracks on the walls of your ductwork can cause an air leak, and these kinds of issues lead to decreased performance or reducing the Airflow of your heating and air conditioning.

Issues On Thermostat

It may be a surprise, but sometimes a faulty thermostat, even a low battery can cause problems on your HVAC airflow.

Slow Fan

The blower fans on your HVAC system moves the air through your ducts and your space. A sluggish and a slow turning motor can impede the Airflow can cause more symptoms to your HVAC system.

Cleaning the fan is a simple matter and can be done quickly.

Dirty Coils

Another vital part of your AC is the condenser. It releases the heat removed from your space. It is vulnerable to outdoor elements, and the coil can get so dirty overtime causing unreleased heat. Your unit will work harder to keep your area fresh and can result in other Airflow issues.

Clean your coils, usually once or twice a year.

Refrigerant In Low Levels

If you have unmaintained older units, joint problems such as low level in refrigerant can reduce Airflow performance. HVAC systems with this kind of issue are typically have reduced cooling capability and could gradually reduce overall performance over time. Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC can check the leaks and repair your unit to get things back up to its average speed.

Oversized Air Conditioning Unit

Some people say that bigger is better, but when it comes to selecting your HVAC system, you should consider HVAC sizing.

Running a large unit to keep a small area could be inefficient for the AC. It could cycle on and off frequently.

If symptoms could rise on your AC, Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC can check your unit.

HVAC Design Is Updated

Ever consider updating your HVAC design? Simple changes in ductwork can make a massive difference in the Airflow on you achieve comfort from your HVAC system. When Air Conditioner is no longer cooling your space, then consider an update and contact an HVAC design expert.

We at Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC can help you achieve update your HVAC design.
Give us a call at (512) 626-4658.

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