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Air Conditioner Summer DIY Tips

Here are some of the air conditioner summer DIY tips keeps your home cool and comfortable, especially in the summer.

When an air conditioner breaks down, an HVAC professional must fix it. It can take days or weeks depends on the problem, and the availability of individual parts.

Turning on a fan on a hot summer day isn’t enough when you have a broken AC. That’s why we provide you with tips that can help you diagnose or repair your AC entirely on your own.

Make sure the thermostat is set correctly.

One of the most manageable air conditioner summer tips in fixing your air conditioner is learning to set the thermostat properly.
An incorrect setting in your thermostat can damage your air conditioner. If the thermostat is set to heat, you’ll expect hot air will come out from the air conditioner vents.

As seasons change, double-check your thermostat before assuming that it’s broken.

Change the thermostat batteries.

Dead batteries are some of the common problems on a thermostat.
There might be an instance where the batteries don’t work anymore and need replacements.

Change the dead batteries with new ones so that the thermostat and air conditioner communicate properly.

Replace the air filter.

A dirty air filter can cause improper air flow. As a result, the air conditioner works hard or won’t work at all.
Air conditioners nowadays are extremely sensitive to dirty air filters.

Change it time by time to avoid future repairs or even expensive replacements.

Check your circuit breaker.

The next thing you can do is checking your circuit breaker.
If the circuit breaker connected to the air conditioner has been tripped, you’ll need to reset it.

These are the minor actions that you can do by yourself. If you notice major problems like strange noises, outdoor unit is not turning on, or improperly installed AC, then you should call a professional help.

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  1. Thanks for explaining that I will want to make sure that my thermostat is set correctly. I didn’t realize that could lead to my thermostat and AC ending up breaking. Personally, I would want to get a professional to help with keeping my HVAC system in good shape.

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