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AC Tune-Up VS AC Inspection

There is a big difference between getting an AC tune-up and AC inspection.

What is an AC tune-up?

Tuning up your AC is just like tuning up a car. A design for your AC to keep it running at peak efficiency.
A technician examines the unit from top to bottom and does several things such as:

• Cleaning the condenser coils
• Changing and replacing the air filters
• Flushing the drain
• Adding new Freon
• Replacing damaged or faulty electrical parts

We recommend an AC tune-up because it minimizes future significant problems from your AC system.

What Is an AC Inspection?

If an AC stops working correctly, then it is the right to carry out an AC inspection. A unit that is no longer working, not producing much cold, or is leaking is subject to an AC inspection.

A technician will visit you and will find the problem to fix the AC. Problems encountered during an AC inspection needs an AC service. An AC service is to fix the problem and return the first working level of your AC.

Why Get an AC Tune-Up?

It is the best way to ensure unexpected repairs or replacements on your AC.

An AC system is a significant purchase most homeowners plan to buy after purchasing the home itself.
An AC tune-up protects and keeps your AC running so that you can avoid expensive repair or even replacement.

Prolonging an AC’s lifespan is one of the benefits of an AC tune-up. A unit that is in good shape doesn’t work hard when you need it, resulting in lower energy bills.

Knowing the difference between AC tune-up and AC inspection can help you keep your AC working for a long term.
Make sure to have your yearly tune-ups to keep your unit running as intended.

Call us at (512) 626-4658 as soon as you suspect a problem on your AC unit. Blue Sky Heating and Air LLC will take care of your AC tune-ups and services.

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  1. There are lot of logic to choose between ac tune up vs ac inspection. You have to choose any one between those.

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